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※Since we have our distributors in below countries, if the customers live in below countries, please contact us via below e-mail* before placing an order.

Countries which deal with HB-101

U.S.A, Russia, Mainland of China, Korea, Cyprus, Pakistan, Lithuania, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia,etc.


  • For refund, please email* us before placing a cancelation. With regard to the refund amount for cancellation due to customer's personal convenience, we will give you a refund after we reduced Paypal fee from the item price.
  • We require both the shipping and the bank transfer charges besides the product prices.
  • It may be subject to change the shipping charge depending on the volume of your order, please contact us in advance before placing an order.
  • We will let you know about the shipping and the bank transfer charge by email after checking them. The charges can be also paid by PayPal.
  • For your information, our email address is as




*When your order exceeds above numbers, please contact us in advance via email.
The above charges are only for reference, the prices are subject to be changed without notice.
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